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Yeah, sure, whatever

Call Us Whatever You Want
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the community for anyone who is bored. We need members, so join. Do whatever you want. But if you have a long post, or a survey, or a promotion, please put it under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut then ask someone here. There's no application necessary to join. Just keep this place alive.
anything, astral projection, barbie legs, barbies, barney, bastard, big foot, biking, birds, birthdays, black pens, books, bop it, bridgeport, bruno hauptmann, bubbles, busses, cameras, candyland, chairs, charles lindbergh, cheese, colages, computers, confidential stuff, confusion, cookies, croquet, curtain rods, dancing penguins, dark, destroying the kkk, dictionaries, dominic monaghan, donkeys, dreams, dvds, earthquakes, easton, ecce romani, elections, eww, examples listed above, eyebrows, falling, feet, film making, fishing line, flashlights, flies, flip the bird, flying, fuck, geese, germany, getting lost, gloves, glue, green socks, haircuts, harry potter, hats, high school, holy motherfuck, igloos, index cards, jesus, jokes, jumping, jumping off the roof, latin, lava lamps, light, light sabres, lofts, lunch, marsh, mommy, moses, mount everest, movies, mp3s, music, not your band, orange juice, ouch, outside, packing tape, penguins, phone books, planes, play doh, pokemon, polka dots, pooh, potatoes, prank calls, pyroclastic flow, rabid skunks, rabies, redding, roofs, rudolph, rugs, running, sailing, sam gamgee, santa clause, scanners, sewing, sex, shadows, sharing, shit, shoelaces, shoes, skunks, sleeping, snoring, snorting, snow skiing, socks, sponges, staples, stripes, talentless boy bands, tea parties, teletubbies, the goonies, trees, tuna, tunnels, turkey, vending machines, volcanoes, water, weather, weed, whatever, whatever floats your boat, wood buddies, wrapping paper, writing, your bed, your friends band, yourself, zebra print, zebras